Our Guarantee

Since we grow, pick and distribute our products, you can be assured that it is: fresh, has been properly cared for throughout it’s life, has not spent days in a warehouse, has not been mishandled, has no non-organic pesticides or herbicides, and has consistent quality and flavor. Our emphasis will be on providing not only the highest quality produce, but also the highest level of service in providing you the freshest product available. Often the produce that we deliver has been harvested in less than 24 hours.


Leaf Crops

Arugula (Rocket & Astro)
Pac Choi (WIn-Win Choi)
Romaine Lettuce ( Sparx, Coastal Star)
Bibb ( Rex, Skyphos, Teodore, Alkindus)
Lolla (Green-Ilema, Red-Carmesi)
Green Oakleaf, Green Summer Crisp, Green Sweet Crisp, Four Oaks Farms Custom Spring Mix, Frisee, Collards
Spinach grown seasonally from September to May (Emu & Tyee)
Swiss Chard (Bright Lights)

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Continually Grown:

Mixes (Mild & Spicy)

As Needed:

Arugula (Surrey)
Radish (Hong Vit)
Radish (Red Rambo)
Mizuna (Red Rain)
Cabbage (Red)
Pac Choi (Red Choi, Kinkoh)
Mustard (Suehlihung #2 & Garnet Giant)
Chard (Bright Lights & Ruby Red)

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We grow a Genovese variety continually. The following can be grown as needed:

Italian large leaf
Mrs. Burns Lemon
Dark Opal