Who We Are

Four Oaks Farms is a small family owned business doing one thing: growing and marketing high quality gourmet lettuce and other leaf crops, including microgreens, herbs and other vegetables. This will be done in a controlled environment greenhouse operation utilizing the most recent technology in a 100% soilless hydroponic growing system. We will focus our marketing to the local area (within 75 to 100 mile radius of the farm) so that you the consumer can have access to the freshest possible vegetables. It is our intent to be known as the producer of the highest quality produce available.



Hydroponics is a method of growing produce without soil. Studies show it consumes 1/10 the water as conventional soil. Additionally, since the plants are grown in a controlled environment and the steps we take to minimize the possibility, we will seldom experience an infestation, but if we do, we make use of “beneficial” insects that consume the crop damaging insects without adversely impacting the crops.


The Nursery

This is the nursery where it all begins.  Seeds are planted in rockwool cubes and after approximately two weeks are transplanted into the grow channels.

jerry conner - fof new bibb.jpg

2 Weeks Later…

This shows a crop of greens nearly two weeks after being transplanted.


Full Production

Crops are planted just about once a week in zones of the greenhouse. Space is managed to allow for maximum production. In this manner you always have tasty, fresh lettuce available.